Location:Spokane, WA

About Ladyfawn: The time drew ever near to end this feud; it was time for a fifty-two-card pick up. The eighteenth night I could take it no more; I rose from my rotting lover like a man dead and searched the abandoned halls for the reason they could be so completely oblivious to the bloodshed. But what I found was far, far more sinister. My unassailable enemy never ceased to disgust me… "Ah, the daily cocktail.” I began, staring at the little plastic cup of poison pills that wouldn’t kill me but only numb me to everything. “Did the orderlies tell you I requested Arsenic for today?" ‘Sure, sure. We’re only going to die before we get there. That’s nice, I’m completely relaxed now.’ “Not crazy, Card. Determined, demented, or maybe we just have an unwavering obsession with revenge. Most of all, however ... We’re just filled with a blood lust no one can quench."